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Fashion I ♥: Prada’s New Rainbow of Custom Heels

12 Jun

Will never be able to afford a pair, but these are really awesome.  The custom coloring and finish should make it pretty easy to actually match a pair to your outfit.  Love the idea; Hate the cost. 🙂 **DB

Wish List: Prada’s New Rainbow of Custom Heels

by Veronica Misako Gledhill via “The Cut

Despite their height and pitch, Prada heels seem so much more comfortable than other options out there. And that’s why our eyes went wide at the thought of Prada’s new custom-made shoe program, where customers can create a Made-to-Order Decollete pump or peep toe — choosing between an array of five finishes, 27 colors, sole colors, and shoebox colors. You can even opt to have your initials monogrammed on the soles. From design and purchase at the store, buyers can expect to have their new heels on their feet in a month. While prices start at $745, we think these are the perfect option for anyone who’s a diehard when it comes to heels — or someone who is looking to play the long game with pumps that are built to last.

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Wisconsin Horses!

10 Jun


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