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Fix for Windows 8.1 Wifi not Working

4 Jul

Twice now, since updating to Windows 8.1, Lawrence the Laptop has decided to randomly stop finding wireless network connections.  Both times, it suddenly turned all the wireless networks off, stopped finding any connections, and died.  Regardless of how many times I turned on the Bluetooth button, gone to “Wireless Settings” and re-started wireless, or  tried to update drivers, or re-started my laptop.  Wi-Fi just said it “cannot find any networks” and refused to cooperate.

Since I am assuming I’m not alone in experiencing the issue, I thought I would share the method I’ve found to fix the issue.  It has actually worked both times, so hopefully it might help you.  It involves manually disabling and enabling the Wi-Fi Device.

1. Open up the Control Panel (you can find this by searching for “control panel” under the Settings option).

2. From the Control Panel, choose “Network and Internet.”

3.  Open “Network and Sharing Center”  

4. On the left side of the center, you will see a list of options.  Choose “Change Adapter Settings.”

5. You should see three options: Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi should have an ‘x’ and say something about it being disconnected.  Click the Wi-Fi option.  


6. You will now see a series of options appear on the top bar.  Choose “Disable this Network Device.”

7. This has disabled the wi-fi network.  Click the Wi-Fi option again. Now choose “Enable this Network Device.”

8. This should have fixed the problem (if it was the same problem I’m having)!


I know that a lot of people are having problems with 8.1 and the Wireless connections not working, and there are a lot of recommended fixes out there. I doubt the suggestion I’ve just laid out will fix all of these problems, so if it doesn’t help try Googling your question.  We’d appreciate it if you would share whatever works for you!  If my suggestion does help, please post the results in a comment so others know that it has worked.  


How to Find Your Wireless Password without the Router

27 Nov

I ran into this problem today, so I figured I would share the information with you 🙂

If you need to find the wireless password and you don’t have access to the Router (I.e. you are at an extended family’s house like me  :P) Here is how you go about locating that.  

  1. Enter into the URL box in your browser. That’s it. No www or http://.  Just those numbers.
  2. It’s going to ask you for a username and password.  Usually that’s admin and admin for both username and password.  Sometimes it’ll be something like admin and password.  It always works with just admin for me.
  3. Now it should bring up a page with all of your internet’s information- name, router information, etc.  Somewhere there will be a place for Internet Security (or something similar). That is going to have your password!
  4. Mostly, just fiddle around with the page it pulls up, looking at the different tabs and options, until you find security with the password’s information.

Worked for me; hope it helps you!!


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