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Shopping at Samsung

1 Aug

Sooooo. I recently had to buy a new #laptop 😭 Lawrence the Laptop has a broken touchpad, broken microphone jack, crashing battery, a fan that’s competing with airplanes for loudest lift-off, and lose USB ports. Poor baby!

After exhaustive research I decidedto get a #Samsung notebook 9. At 13.3 inches and super lightweight, it’snice for travel. Unfortunately #Samsung US website SUCKS and I couldn’t get it ordered before my mom came to #China. So I thought, why not go to #Korea! I’m there on vacay – hone of #Samsung. No prob!

Big prob! The laptop was $400 more expensive for a lower quality product! Instead of i7 they had i5 and instead of 16RAM, it was 8RAM. 😡😡

BUT! I was headed to #China and had to have a computer, so I picked it up anyway. Lil – funniest thing. So, the dude waiting on me was the cutest guy. Very nice, good English, helpful. But I was complaining (spectacularly) about the price. So he promised to give me a gift 😬

My gift? – A selfie stick, a toothbrush holder (with toothbrush! woop!), and a car magnet 😂😅😜😝 In fact, he gave me another set to my mom as well. Lololol. Not sure it was worth $400, but you know? I’m still laughing about it – so they’re probably #priceless.

Couple notes for potential expats:

1) Did you know many #computer products bought in the #US require that you keep the product in theUS to maintain warranty?
2) Your US warranty won’t always work abroad – #Dell won’t service my #laptop in #China even though it has centers here Cause I have a US warranty.
3) Foreign warranty’s may not be as good as the US version. So be careful before agreeing to transfer warranty from one country to another.

Installing #WordPress Site on #HostGator

21 Apr

How to Install and Start Editing your WordPress Site on Hostgator!!

STEP #1 – Sign Into your CONTROL PANEL.  If you aren’t sure how, look here.

WP 1

See the button in the picture above that says “WordPress – 1 Click Installation?”  Click it 🙂

WP 2

Click the down arrow and choose the domain name (URL: http://www.deceptivelyblonde.com) that you have created on HostGator and was to set up as a WordPress Site. Click “Next”

WP 3

Fill in your Name and information for the WordPress Site.  Be careful – if the email address you use already has a WordPress Site attached to it, they’ll want to add this site to your old WordPress account. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll have to create a new WordPress account.

WP 4

You’re installing!  Wait, Wait, Wait!

WP 5

Awesome! Your Installation is Complete.  Pay attention to the “Installed to:” “Username” and “Password” — You’ll need these next.

Take that “Installed To:” URL and put it in your URL field at the top of your browser. It should be the url you chose for your website.  Basically, just go visit your new site. It’ll show the image below:

For example: “https://www.deceptivelyblonde.com”

wP 6

This is the page that everyone else is going to see until you finally publish your completed site.  But for now, just click “Admin Login.”  In the picture below, enter the username and password that they gave you before.    

WP 7

Viola!  You’ll be on the familiar “WordPress” dashboard instead of the Hostgator dashboard.  Now you can go through the steps and start setting up your website.  (I’ll post another instruction set for that later. 🙂

WP 8

Important PC Keyboard Shortcuts

17 Mar

Cartoon Computer and Desktop by DTRave

I am always surprised at how many people are not aware of the keyboard shortcuts available on the Computer. A fairly quick typer, I would be lost without my quick fixes and shortcut options when working on Lawrence the Laptop!  But I teach a lot of college students and adults who aren’t really familiar with even some of the more basic options available. So here is a quick list! 🙂  *Sorry, I don’t do Mac, so I can’t help there 😦

The ones in Red are shortcuts I use really, really often and find most helpful. They make typing or online work much faster.

Ctrl +

  1. Ctrl + A = Highlight Everything
  2. Ctrl + B = Bold.
  3. Ctrl + C = Copy
  4. Ctrl + D = Favorite / Bookmark 
    1. Ctrl + Shift + D = Bookmark All Tabs
  5. Ctrl + F = Find (on the page or in the folder
  6. Ctrl + H = Open History Page
  7. Ctrl + I = Italics
  8. Ctrl + J = 
    1. In Word = Justify Left, Right, or Center
    2. In Browser = Open Downloads Page
  9. Ctrl + L = Start typing in the address bar
  10. Ctrl + N = Open New Page (or Slide or Document depending on the program you’re using)
  11. Ctrl + P = Print
  12. Ctrl + R = Refresh
  13. Ctrl + S = Save
  14. Ctrl + T = Open New Tab
    1. Ctrl + Shift + T = Open Previous Tab
  15. Ctrl + U = Underline 
  16. Ctrl + V = Paste
  17. Ctrl + W = Close
  18. Ctrl + X = Cut
  19. Ctrl + Y = Redo
  20. Ctrl + Z = Undo
  21. Ctrl + Enter = Adds “http://www.” and “.com” to anything you put in the address bar
  22. Ctrl and + = Zoom in
  23. Ctrl and – = Zoom out
  24. Ctrl + Left Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the previous word.
  25. Ctrl + Right Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the next word.
  26. Ctrl + Down Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the next paragraph.
  27. Ctrl + Up Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the previous paragraph.
  28. Ctrl + F4 = Close the window of all tabs but the one currently open.
  29. Ctrl + Alt + Delete = Open Task Manager (how to close pages that aren’t responding)

Alt + Buttons

  1. Alt + Tab = Move Between Open Pages
  2. Alt + Enter = View “Properties”
  3. Alt + Esc = Move between Pages in the order that they were opened.
  4. Alt + F4 = Close Page

F Buttons

  1. F1 = Help Page (for whatever program  you have open–i.e. using Google Chrome it opens Chrome’s help page. Word, it opens Word’s help page)
  2. F2 = Rename (if you highlight a file/folder)
  3. F5 = Refresh
  4. F6 = Instantly Start Typing in the Address Bar 
  5. F7 = Spell Check 
  6. F11 = Go to Full Screen (Open or Close)–Shortcut for making videos big 🙂
  7. F12 = “Save As” window in Office

Shift + Buttons

  1. Shift + D = Delete permanently without sending to “Recycle Bin”
  2. Shift + F3 =
    1. When using Microsoft Office = Click to easily go back and forth between 1. all small letters 2. Every Word Is Capitalized and 3. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
    2. When using a Browser = Find
  3. Shift + F7 = Highlight a word and use Shift + F7 to look it up in the Thesaurus

Windows + Buttons

  1. Windows + D = Show Desktop
  2. Windows + E = Open “My Computer”
  3. Windows + F = “Search All Files” option will open so you can search your entire computer
  4. Windows + M = Minimize all Windows.
  5. Windows + Shift + M = Restore (Maximize) Windows

Other Buttons

  1. PrintScreen (PrntScr) to take a Screenshot. Then Paste it into OneNote or a Word Document and save as a picture.
  2. Hold down Shift while Highlighting to Highlight things in a row.
  3. Hold down Ctrl while Highlighting to Highlight unconnected words. 
  4. To pull a group of tabs off into a new page–> Click the first tab + Hold down Shift + Click the last tab . Now Click and drag off the toolbar and they’ll come off and open up in a new page together. Only works in some browsers!

Fix for Windows 8.1 Wifi not Working

4 Jul

Twice now, since updating to Windows 8.1, Lawrence the Laptop has decided to randomly stop finding wireless network connections.  Both times, it suddenly turned all the wireless networks off, stopped finding any connections, and died.  Regardless of how many times I turned on the Bluetooth button, gone to “Wireless Settings” and re-started wireless, or  tried to update drivers, or re-started my laptop.  Wi-Fi just said it “cannot find any networks” and refused to cooperate.

Since I am assuming I’m not alone in experiencing the issue, I thought I would share the method I’ve found to fix the issue.  It has actually worked both times, so hopefully it might help you.  It involves manually disabling and enabling the Wi-Fi Device.

1. Open up the Control Panel (you can find this by searching for “control panel” under the Settings option).

2. From the Control Panel, choose “Network and Internet.”

3.  Open “Network and Sharing Center”  

4. On the left side of the center, you will see a list of options.  Choose “Change Adapter Settings.”

5. You should see three options: Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi should have an ‘x’ and say something about it being disconnected.  Click the Wi-Fi option.  


6. You will now see a series of options appear on the top bar.  Choose “Disable this Network Device.”

7. This has disabled the wi-fi network.  Click the Wi-Fi option again. Now choose “Enable this Network Device.”

8. This should have fixed the problem (if it was the same problem I’m having)!


I know that a lot of people are having problems with 8.1 and the Wireless connections not working, and there are a lot of recommended fixes out there. I doubt the suggestion I’ve just laid out will fix all of these problems, so if it doesn’t help try Googling your question.  We’d appreciate it if you would share whatever works for you!  If my suggestion does help, please post the results in a comment so others know that it has worked.  


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