Changes to the Pins on the New Pinterest

24 Mar

You can find Changes to the Pinterest Account Tools Here.

This post will run through a few of the new changes established to the Pins themselves.  I actually think this part is a lot more convenient than Pinterest’s old pin format.  The new ones allow you to go straight to the website, see other pins from that site, etc.

The Pin Itself


A picture of how the Pins now look

The pin itself doesn’t actually look all that different.  It still has the image, and if you click the image it will take you to the linked URL.  Nonetheless, there are a couple changes to note.

1. The greatest change to the pin itself is that you can no longer open it up and edit your own pins here.  The edit button no longer appears unless you are on the Boards or Pins main page on your account.

2. The second issue is that the “Repin” button is gone.  Now you will only ever see the red “Pin it” button.  Same tool, but the name is different.

3. Pinterest has added on a lot of additional tools/buttons worth noting.  I’ll go over most of them separately, but take a look at the “Website” button in the image above.  You will now find that you can click this button to automatically go to the website linked to the pin instead of having to click the pin itself.

Board Tool

Board Tool

Next to the Pin is a link to the Images in the Board.

One of the new changes is that when you open up a pin, you will now see several boxes beside and below the pin’s image.  To the right you will see the new “Board tool.”  This tells you who’s pin you clicked on (if it has been repinned, then it will be whoever repinned it for you to click on) and the board that it was pinned onto.  You can either click on the boards name to go to the board or click on the images below the name.  These images are all those that are pinned to that same board.  ‘

Website Pins

Website Pins

Here are other Pins from that website

Also on the right, below the “Board” links, you will find the “Website Pins” tool.  This shows other pins that have been created  from the pin’s linked website.  For example, I pinned the above image from a link at  So on the “Website Pins” tool, it has images of other pins that have been loaded to Pinterest from that website, even those that I myself didn’t pin.

“People Who Have Pinned This Also Pinned. . . “


“People who have Pinned this” tool

And now for my favorite new addition!  Pinterest has now added a new section that appears below the pin.  This shows images that were pinned by people who pinned that picture.  This helps narrow down similar images that might interest you.  I think this part is a great tool; I’m glad they went ahead and added that.

So what is your opinion about the new changes.  Annoying or useful?

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