How to Type in Korean on Windows 8

18 Feb


How to Type in Korean on Windows 8


You can enlarge the images by clicking on them

  • Go to your Windows 8 Sidebar on the right and click the “Search Button.”  It looks like a magnifying glass.



  • Search for “Control Panel.” It shows up under Apps. Click the button.

Control Panel

  • In the “Control Panel
    • If your panel is sorted by “Category” (looks like the picture below), click “Add a Language”.  This will automatically take you to the “Keyboards” window.

Control Panel

  • If your panel is sorted by “small icons” or “large icons” (looks like the picture below), click “Language”


  • You will see a new page titled “Change your Language Preferences.”

Untitled picture

  • Click “Add a Language


  • The new page should be titled “Add a Language”

Untitled picture 3

  • They are sorted alphabetically. Search the languages until you find “KOREAN


  • Select Korean and then click “Add” in the right bottom side of the screen


  • There are 2 options for changing the keyboard language:
    • OPTION 1
      • Pull up your touch keyboard by clicking the keyboard symbol on your taskbar.


  • Look for the keyboard symbol on the bottom right.  It should say “ENG” below the symbol. Click the button and see that “Korean” is an alternative option.  Select it, and start typing.  


  • OPTION 2
    • Return to your sidebar and select the”Gear” image that says “Settings” when you hover over it.


  • Click “ENG Keyboard

Untitled picture

  • Choose “Korean” and start typing.



The Keyboard looks like this:

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