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How to Add Skype to Windows Desktop

29 Apr

I’m posting this mainly because I keep having to erase my computer and re-install Windows (5 times in the past 3 months). Every time that happens, it needs to re-upload all of my programs. This includes Skype; that much beloved face->phone service of travelers around the world.  

Unfortunately, I really  don’t like using the “Windows 8 Store” version.  With the stupid Windows 8 page I have to go hunting Skype down, when I would just as soon have it pinned to my taskbar on the bottom.  Plus, my computer doesn’t like telling me when someone calls me via Skype with that program.

So, I still install the version of Skype meant for your Windows Desktop:) Then I pin it to the taskbar on the bottom of my screen.

If you are interested, just go to the following url: http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-windows/


How to Overlap Sound Recordings on Windows Movie Maker

11 Mar

Learned this process yesterday when making my educational Youtube video:

I created this video by making a recording of my voice, adding pictures, and then adding a music sound track.  Since the Movie Maker only works with one sound track at a time, it didn’t want to overlap my voice and the music at first.  It took a while, but I finally figured it out.  It’s surprisingly easy, but most of the instructions I found were outdated from the new Windows Movie Maker.  Consequently, I had to make it up as I went! 🙂  

Sound Recording 1

  • Create your project with just the first sound track. Add pictures, effects, etc. until it is complete. 
  • Go to File in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Click it.
  • Now find Save Movie. it should be the sixth option in the list.  
  • Choose “Recommended for this project” 
  • Now it’s going to bring up the pop-up page that walks you through saving the movie.  Save the video.  This compresses the sound and video into one file.
  • Let it finish processing; the program will tell you when your video is done.  

Sound Recording 2

  • Close this project down.
  • Start a new project in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Under the “Home” tab, you’ll find “Add videos and photos.”  Click it.
  • Find your video with the first sound recording on your computer and add it to the project. This will import the video and sound as one file.  You cannot adjust the first sound recording now, but you can add another sound recording to it.
  • Now under the “Home” tab, you’ll find “Add music.”  Click that and add your second sound recording.   
  • Now you can play with the start times, end times, etc. to get it all perfect.
  • Go through the Save Movie process again, and voila! your video is finished with two sound recordings!

Sound Recording 3-~

  • Repeat the same process, compressing everything into one video file and then adding to it with each project.

Change Your Typing Language in Windows 8

19 Feb

How to Type in Korean on Windows 8

18 Feb


How to Type in Korean on Windows 8


You can enlarge the images by clicking on them

  • Go to your Windows 8 Sidebar on the right and click the “Search Button.”  It looks like a magnifying glass.



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