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Adding Products to your Amazon Store

13 Feb

I’ve recently started a new literary blog for several authors to join, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to best explain adding products to Amazon aStores. I finally ended up just making a video explanation, and I thought I would share it here! Hope this helps someone else out!

Also check out –A better bookshelf for literary bloggers to use!

By the way, my new website it “A Question of Reading” and is available here.  Check it out if you’re interested in reviews, articles, literary criticism, and more!

How To Add Basic Amazon Associates Links to or

5 Jan


I spent all day playing around with Amazon Associates since I have recently been recommending books via my “Many Books, Little Time” link.  However, I quickly discovered that it is practically impossible to post the widgets for Amazon Associates via or I’m assuming it is far easier on, but the free blogs make it inconvenient.  Then I discovered that most of the instructions offered online right now don’t seem to follow along with the newer layout of the modern and sites.

So, after great aggravation on my part and victory signs waved about after success, here is how I managed to add the links to my own pages.

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