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Adding Colored Text to Select Words or Lists on WordPress Block Editor

23 Nov

One of my greatest frustrations with WordPress’ is the fact that adding colored text to bullet pointed lists has disappeared as an option in the toolbar. It also no longer allows you to add color to only select text in a paragraph.

  • Harbin, China holds one of the largest Ice Festivals annually.
  • Shanghai, China is home to Yuyuan Gardens
  • Tianjin, China offers some of the best Hot Baozi

You’ll notice if you used the Block Editor to type the above list that you can make only the simplest textual changes (Bold, Italics).

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A Reader’s Mind

25 Jan
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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been out of contact for a while. My phone decided not to let WordPress app work any more and I don’t have money for a new phone right now. Probably because I use Huawei and they are mad at US and Google right now. Sadness! But I miss my site, so I’ll try posting more often ūüôā

How to Use Mathematical Equations in your Blogging

27 Apr


If you’re like me, you might need the help of mathematical equations in your blogging or professional writing. ¬†But writings and copying an equation from Word into your website simply won’t work.

Research kept taking me to sites that recommended MathJax, LaTeX, MathML, etc. But to be honest, without an idea of how those work it just got all sorts of confusing. Certainly not as simple as I needed.

But I did finally find a website that worked for me! I’ve tested this method and it allowed me to add Mathematical Equations to:

  1. WordPress
  2. Weebly
  3. LinkedIn

I’m sure it works for other sites as well!

  1. Open up your post. 
  2. On another tab, open up the LaTeX Equation Editor (https://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php)
  3. Using the Equation Editor, create your Math Equation. ¬†If you don’t immediately see your format, try hovering your mouse over one of the categories to see more equation formats.
    1. For WordPress: Simply copy the image that the Editor produces and paste into your WordPress post!
    2. For LinkedIn or Weeble: Right click on the image and save it as a GIF. Then go to your post, add an image, and upload the picture.
    3. For other websites where steps 1 or 2 don’t work, you can copy the code at the bottom of the page and paste it into your post via HTML coding.

So Easy!


Typing Single-Spaced on WordPress

16 Feb

Ever have that frustration where you want to enter something into your WordPress Post single-spaced, but WP keeps changing it to double spaced? Single-Spacing on WordPress is necessary sometimes! For example, entering an address:

Mr. Hades & Co.

000 Styx Street

Halloween Town, End of Nowhere 66666

See what I mean? The default when typing in WordPress is for the computer to add a line every time you hit “Enter.”

Its annoying, especially with things like poetry, literature, quotes, addresses, etc.

So how do you type in Single Space without a space between each line? There are two ways

Easy !

Just hit the “Shift” key when you hit “enter.”

Yep, usually, we just type “Enter” when we want to go down a line. But that will give you an extra space. So instead hit the “enter” button while holding down “Shift.”

Mr Hades and Co.
000 Styx Street
Halloween Town, End of Nowhere 66666


Happy Posting!


Things I Hate about the new “New Post” and “New Stats” Pages on WordPress

16 Mar

I’m usually pretty excited about new updates to technology. ¬†New website versions up and running? I’m willing to give them a chance. ¬†Of course, Facebook is driving me nuts (especially with the Messenger updates), but I’m¬†typically happy with the new options¬†most programs offer when advancing further into new designs and offerings.

WordPress has been one of those websites I really, really love. ¬†I love the simplicity, I love how I almost instantly figure out what I need to do to accomplish my websites’ goals. ¬†I love that it looks nice, and that my websites reflect that. ¬†I love that it stays up-to-date.

But I’m really, REALLY not enjoying the new “New Post” and “New States” pages they are unveiling. ¬†It’s much worse than the old pages for a variety of reasons. ¬†Most of these issues are things I’ve¬†lost with the new layout – maybe I’m missing something, but if so then so are a lot of other people. I always liked how easy it was to find things, and now I feel like a lot of stuff is just gone. ¬†For example: Continue reading

Adding Social Media Buttons to Your WordPress.com Website

14 May

I’m mixing directions from several different websites, but I have tried clearing it up as much as possible. ¬†Enjoy!

Adding Social Media Buttons to Your Website via HTML Code


Although some WordPress.com (and other website-building site) themes have a way to automatically customize social media, quite a few actually don’t. ¬†For my WordPress website, I used to just add the “Image” widget and link to my other accounts. But since you can’t line them up horizontally, that ended up with a long line of pictures down¬†my sidebar. ¬†So instead, I mixed directions from different websites, played around, and came up with the following instructions for adding a horizontal row of Social Media icons linked to your accounts. ¬†

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How To Add Basic Amazon Associates Links to WordPress.com or Blogger.com

5 Jan


I spent all day playing around with Amazon Associates since I have recently been recommending books via my “Many Books, Little Time” link. ¬†However, I quickly discovered that it is practically impossible to post the widgets for Amazon Associates via WordPress.com or Blogger.com. I’m assuming it is far easier on WordPress.org, but the free blogs make it inconvenient. ¬†Then I discovered that most of the instructions offered online right now don’t seem to follow along with the newer layout of the modern WordPress.com and Blogger.com sites.

So, after great aggravation on my part and victory signs waved about after success, here is how I managed to add the links to my own pages.

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