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#Smoking Snowman

15 Jan

​Apparently the delivery guys at #KFC were feeling cold yesterday. ⛄️❄️  Temps are getting towards -23C

Not sure how much help he’s gonna be today. . . . . 😜

I love that he’s still got his #cigarette 😂  

#Huawei – the other mother

19 Feb

Haha! 😂 I Love my #huawei Chinese phone. It has the best #English descriptions for things sometimes. Apparently our #Weather is ‘dreary and very unhealthy’ – you know, life just sucks sometimes 😜 I just got a Warning from the phone for Tuesday when it’ll get down to 21degrees!!! – so cold they asked me to check my ‘mouth muffler, ear mufflers, and gloves. 😂 It’s like Having a second mom. 😝

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Snow Dumped

17 Feb



My Porch at Present

Current Weather In the USA

29 Jan

Lol, I’m in the “How Do You People Live Like This” region–and truly, I still don’t get it.  


Yup, -22 Degrees. . . . Brrrrrrr

27 Jan

Untitled picture

Winter Storm Tonight

26 Jan

Lucky Us! Iowa is currently being hit with winds of up to 50 MPH and more snow. Yippee! Sometimes the wind is so strong, the snow is blowing straight sideways instead of down. As in a straight line side to side.  Snow isn’t falling here, it’s blowing past!

New FB Page Idea

20 Jan

New FB Page Idea—All people really, really, really tired of snow. I’ll be the first member!

FYI Evil Weatherman– that 8/10 of an inch was a LIE!  A dad-gum, filthy, no-good lie told to raise my spirits and then crush them under the weight of 2 inches of unforcasted snow.  I am seriously displeased.  And considering a lawsuit based on the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Jan. 20 Snow Storm

♬ It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Winter! ♫

11 Nov

Look out, it’s officially the second snow of the year! And this time it’s supposed to actually stick! Woot! School Out days are on their way!

We went from this last week:


To This This Week:


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