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Art I Love ~ Childhood Dream

9 Dec
Childhood Dream by theSong

Childhood Dream by theSong

The Joy of Childhood

31 Dec
I wrote this particular poem a while back, but this seems like a good time to share it since the wish still applies. So, Here is my New Year’s Prayer for You All!
The Joy of Childhood

Childish giggles fill the house,

As tickling games are carried out.

Cars are driven with humming noises,

Dollies talk with girlish voices.

Girls were purses, hats, and skirts,

Boys ride horses, kicking their boots.

Legos and Blocks build castles and towers,

Or even a fortress against enemy powers.

Imaginary dragons and knights come alive,

Damsels and princess’s are rescued by guys.

The earth becomes lava or maybe a flood,

Pies and cakes are soon made out of mud.

A good game of tag brings smiles to faces,

Trees are discovered to be awfully good bases.

My wish for us all in the coming new year,

Is that dragons and ogres are the worst of our fears.

I hope that you keep all your childhood dreams,

And remember forever you’re a king or a queen.

I hope we all have a sorrow free, joy filled New Year, and that each of us views the coming days with a child’s excitement. May we find a table on which to sit through the floods and volcanoes of life. May we find a way to make a pie out of the mud. And may there always be a good tree against which to rest. But most of all, may we each find a sticky hug and kiss at the end of the day. Happy New Year to everyone!Β 


Childhood Fun – That’s Life

6 Dec

Memories from my childhood; my mother and I used to do this over and over and over. I loved it! Still do πŸ™‚

Life Magazine


Person 1: That’s Life!

Person 2: What’s Life?

Person 1: A Magazine.

Person 2: Well, how much does it cost?

Person 1: 10 Cents.

Person 2: But I only have a nickel!

Person 1: That’s Life!

Person 2: What’s Life? . . . . .Β 


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