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#City Life – #Motorbikes!

13 Mar

#Motorbikes, motorbikes go so slow. . . 🎤 Motorbikes, motorbikes go so fast . . . Motorbikes, motorbikes put on the gas!🎹

We used to sing that when I was a kid like Ring Around the Rosie. 😂

Toad Bellies! #Foodie

1 Dec

​Strange #salad at the steakhouse the other night 😜 Back in #America when I was a kid, we use to blow in the leaves and make ‘#toad bellies’. 😂   Had no idea you could #Eat them!!!

China souvenirs ~ of America!

26 Feb


Even China appreciates our beloved route 66! Came all the way to Xinzheng, Zhengzhou, Henan, China to find Route 66omentos 😛 So fun!

Small One ~ A Favorite Christmas Film

15 Dec


Art I Love ~ The Memory Remain

6 Aug

“The Memory Remain” by Henryz

Childhood Fun – That’s Life

6 Dec

Memories from my childhood; my mother and I used to do this over and over and over. I loved it! Still do 🙂

Life Magazine


Person 1: That’s Life!

Person 2: What’s Life?

Person 1: A Magazine.

Person 2: Well, how much does it cost?

Person 1: 10 Cents.

Person 2: But I only have a nickel!

Person 1: That’s Life!

Person 2: What’s Life? . . . . . 


In Memory of Paul Walker

30 Nov

In memory of Paul Walker (aka the character Brian O’Connor), who passed away today in a car crash.  I don’t usually have any emotional response when one of the stars passes away (beyond pity of course), but Walker’s character in Fast and the Furious meant a lot to me and my friends.  My best friend and I spent hours bonding over the FATF films, watching the first 3 straight in a row (we were a little late getting caught up).  We would talk for days after each re-watch oohing and aahing over the fast cars and hot boys, and his loss hit us both kind of hard.  We didn’t know him personally, but his work was important to  us and meant a lot to our memories as friends.  He was an excellent actor, and according to all reports a stand-up guy in the middle of the mess that is Hollywood.  So to Paul Walker (and the memories of Brian O’Connor), may your trip to Heaven be like one giant drag race to the finish line! 

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New Postcard for My Wall of Travels!

16 Oct




Door County Postcard

This was bought from the BP in Sturgeon Bay.   Beautiful waterfronts!

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