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Danger Will Robinson! #Deathtrap

27 Aug

This is the hallway to my classroom each day – because #safety and #health are, like, so passe! 😅
Yesterday they had a machine spraying the ceiling and made all the kids walk underneath the spraying machine while its running and showering them in #chemicals. Today the #marble floors were all soaked. Have you ever walked on wet marble? #China has an old Love affair with the stuff, but when wet it turns into a slip-n-slide. 😂
Meanwhile, we’re all sitting around breathing the chemicals all day during class.

Lol, I need this intensive to be finished. 😛

Teaching Tale ~ The Cheating Boyfriend Fiasco

22 Dec

 Hahaha. . . . About a week ago one of my students had a meltdown in class–boyfriend (another student in class) had talked to a girl she told him not to talk to. The horror! They were in a group together. I didn’t know and asked them to work together on a project. She said “no” and started playing on her phone. I said “yes.” She erupted.

There were tears and yelling.  

Apparently I was an evil teacher who was plotting secretly to force her to talk to said cheating boyfriend (first I’ve heard of a fight at all). 

Tissues were waving in the air; gentlemen stepping up to defend her honor. Boyfriend sat stone-faced staring out the window. Finally stood up and apologized that yes, he said hello to “Crystal” but he really didn’t mean it. He was trying to be nice. He’s not sure how he could ignore her when she said hello first. He won’t do it again. But it’s not girlfriend’s fault. Please forgive her.

So yeah. It was a thing (mostly a funny thing on my part, but apparently a traumatic event for her).

Then saw them in the last class this week, all snuggled up again. She smiled and thanked me for being such a great teacher and she just loved our class.

Don’t we wish all our difficulties were so simple and quick to pass by? 🙂 Watching my students start to live and experience the joys and trials of the world is such a reminder of how precious our memories are 🙂

BTW – I swear some of my college students here have the emotional stability of junior high students. Seriously, they are graduating seniors! These were their last 2 classes of their college careers! Omo!

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