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#Travel in Taiwan! – Elephant Mountain in the dark!

26 Feb

We climbed Elephant Mountain 😵 💀 I stopped counting after 400 stairs – I have since died of stair death. 👻 I am just a ghost now. . . . But seriously! 👍🏔 It was the nicest time I’ve had in a while. We didn’t get there until after 6 and it was already way dark. I was worried it would be full of drunks / creeps / make-out sessions. It wasn’t! We kept running into the nicest people! Everyone was encouraging each other. Ran into a group of about 15 #Indonesia students there for someone’s birthday. Then a group of #Korean boys. Then some westerners. A #Chinese girl who was posing for a billion pictures with the help of a #Philippine boy who was great about trying different shots and so patient. Then a sweet #Philippine boy walked us down – he’s just finished a contract in Japan. Everyone was just telling each other ‘you can do it! You’re almost there!’ This is what ‘coming together’ and ‘community’ should look like. ❤️❤️ Made me fall in love with humanity again.

Synchronized Exercise

30 Dec


Students at the Wushu Festival in the Henan Shaolin Temple. The students work tirelessly to become this good.

Awesome Moves!

8 Mar

No Way To Express How Much I Support This

13 Nov

I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a very, very long time. I mean, it works on so many levels! It promotes your event (Russian Olympics), it helps those people who might be suffering under the economic downturn (I wish I could get tickets for exercise), it promotes and encourages people to exercise more, and it gets people involved with one another.  Did you notice that the people doing this brought the other people in the subway around them to watch, support, and enjoy?  

This is a great idea for a charity within the US too.  We all want people to exercise more, lots of people could use the money saved from free transportation tickets, and making an event out of it to get the people involved would be a wonderful benefit as well.  Go Russian Olympics!

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