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“This is Me”

19 Jan

Culture Week ~ India Dance

4 Nov

Music I Love ~ Thousand Hand Guan Yin

19 Jun

Art I Love ~ Local Dance

7 Jun
Bhutan Local Dancers

“Local Dance” by Brooke

Awesome Moves!

8 Mar


Little Girl Dancing–So Cute!

30 Jan

While visiting the Kawasaki Mall in Yokohama, I was surprised to find that Teen Top was visiting the mall for a fan meeting the same day. We sat around for a few hours waiting for the meeting to start, and the mall was playing the band’s videos and music on big tv’s around the area.

This little girl loved the music and started dancing around! She actually has a great sense of rhythm! 🙂 So cute! ❤

Mata Hari: Seductress, Social Shocker, and Spy (I)

20 Nov

Postcard of Mata Hari in Paris

Passion. Intrigue. Brilliance. Power.

A woman made infamous by the international scandal of her 1917 trial and subsequent execution, Mata Hari fully embodies William Shakespeare’s statement that “God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.”  Many people still remember the legends left by Mata Hari’s supposed treachery during WWI, her storied life as a spy, and her resulting death by firing squad.  But few know that she was  not always a woman of famed beauty, known for her ability to shock and awe.  Rather, her story was quite different at the beginning . . . in a small town in the Netherlands.

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