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Beautiful Women

30 Sep

I love “Say Yes to the Dress” – Watching that moment when a woman finally feels just as beautiful as she truly is. Even if I don’t like the dress itself, it’s just that look on a woman’s face when she is confident and feels like the amazing person she always felt like she was on the inside is finally showing up on the outside – it’s amazing. Truly confident women just glow. I wish we all felt that way all the time. That’s what fashion should truly be. Fashion should be about helping people find their souls and confidence through their clothing. About finding the things that are beautiful about them and bringing them out. About helping them realize that all those little flaws they see can disappear if they focus on the beautiful parts. Every single person is beautiful. True Beauty isn’t measured by symmetry or height or weight or lack of scars or the length of a nose. True Beauty is the size of your smile, the determination in your eyes, the confidence in your shoulders, the steel in your back, the sexy flair in your walk. And that’s something that any person can have, they just have to look inside and bring it out. And find that style that shows it 🙂 I’ve yet to meet a confident woman who didn’t just shine with beauty. We need to stop worrying about how other’s dress or what other’s will think about our style. Just pick something that shows the world who you are inside! Since you’re amazing, style that reflects you will naturally be amazing too 🙂 We just need to walk tall and show off our inner sassy, totally brilliant selves with pride! 👗

Also, Elizabeth, do you remember that week we sat and watched like fifty episodes of this show in a row? That was an awesome time 🙂 Happy memories!

Spring in Xinzheng

21 Mar

Spring is arriving in Xinzheng!  I went for a walk in the river park with some friends yesterday.  We were hunting for fishies and we caught some!  Harry was out in the middle of one of the koi ponds balancing on the pots, it’s a miracle we didn’t end up with a soaked, stinky Harry 🙂  the trees were flowering, the weÖather was lovely, what a great day!


Beautiful day in a beautiful city!

12 Jan



China’s Got Talent ~ Mongolian Boy Sings for his Mom

8 May

The Legend (“Legend of the First King’s Four Gods”) ~ OST “Eternal Love”

29 Apr

 Great Drama! The lead is always excellent, the show was well-written, and the music stunning.   You can find a translated version of the drama here

They Tell Me I’m Beautiful

14 Jun

Well, I hate to have to tell you this, but I can never, ever live in Korea.  It’s impossible. It’ll never work. For one thing, I’d never stop getting distracted by so many cute guys.  And real gentlemen too!  I fell full onto a dude on the subway today (and I’m no lightweight) and he didn’t say anything even remotely close to Ooomph.  Instead he had me hold onto his shoulder straps for his book bag and talked with me the rest of the trip. Smiling. With gorgeous eyes. Did I mention he was hot?!?

See! I told you I would get sidetracked. Back to what I was saying.  I just cannot make a home here because my head would be so big there would be no living with me. Seriously.  I was stopped 6+ times today (no exaggeration) for people wanting to touch my hair (I’m blonde in a sea of Black-headed people) and tell me how “shiny” and “yeoppuda” (pretty in Korean). That or they wanted to feel my skin (I’m pretty much pure German and extremely fair) to tell me how “pure” and “white” and “oohhhh” it was.  People kept telling me how beautiful I was all day long.   And let me tell you, boy did I eat it up.  Kinda put a bounce in my step and I can’t stop smiling.  That would never happen in the US. 

I even got felt up!  I went to the Dragon Hill Spa today (where you are naked in the women’s rooms) and wasn’t looking while putting my stuff in the locker. Suddenly this hand grabs on to parts better left unmentioned. I look down and see the cutest kid. A 1-2 year old boy had gotten away from his mom and was staring back and forth between me and her. He had a hold of me and just wouldn’t let go. 0_0 I think it’s cause I”m blonde and he’s not used to it? The Mother died of embarrassment. I’m pretty sure she’s still red in the face.  So was I. Talk about Awkward! But the grannies in the room cracked up and couldn’t stop rolling on the floor laughing.  At least he blew me kisses goodbye so he’s not a total grab and run.  Lol!

Sayonara Japan!

12 Jun

Two days ago, I officially made my sad goodbyes to the wonderful people I met in Kyoto.  I had the opportunity to meet some amazing folks, both in the program (like my absolutely fabulous roommate) and on the streets of the city itself (like our totally sweet and awesome hair cutter/stylist at the Noel Salon on Shijo-dori near the corner of Shijo and Senbon–you should definitely check her out).  I got some amazing pictures and great adventures were had by all 🙂  Everything from washing our hair in Shampoo and then Body Wash because it looked like Conditioner (stupid look alike bottles) to finding a restaurant that offered Beef Tongue and Grilled Horse meat (true story–it also served beef gristle; you know the stuff you cannot eat off your steak?!?).   We got lost so many times, but every time met someone or ran into some awesome landmark that made up for it.  We found new favorite restaurants (Anri in Porta at Kyoto Station is DELICIOUS!), favorite hang-outs (loved wandering around the riverside at Arashiyama), and new best friends.  

To Japan: I Salute You For A Wonderful Time!

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