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Price of Related Goods (PR) in #Economics

3 May

An #Infograph for my Chinese students in #microeconomics and #macroeconomics 

When we study Supply and Demand in #economics, we learned that one of the factors that changes them both is Price of Related Goods.  

  • Supply — The number of products the company has available to sell at all prices
  • Demand — The number of products the buyers will purchase at all prices
  • Quantity Supplied — The number of products supplied at a specific price
  • Quantity Demanded — The number of products demanded at a specific price
  • Inverse Relationship — When Y ↑   then X ↓ — Line goes down
  • Direct Relationship — When Y ↑  then X   ↑ — Line goes up

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Find the Panda!

20 Dec

Best Friends Forever

17 May


I was born in the Year of the Chinese snake. This means that what I have loved becomes mine. And what is mine I love forever. This is my Kristin, and I loved her since my earliest memories. My Best Friend Forever!   For those of you out there with a childhood best friend, say hello to them today if you can!

Awesome Piano

12 May

This piano would be amazing to play; although I cannot imagine the logistics of it actually working. It would be so much worse than an organ!  I think I’d get dizzy from spinning back and forth that much.  Random Question? ~ How many keys does this add?

I'd like to Play this it would be so cool but you'd probably need a spinny chair or two people!!! So neat!!


Taking to the Skies

10 May

Taking to the Skies

Flew Chicago to San Francisco today on the first leg of my trip and I love this picture of the skies. Click on the picture and it will take you to the others I shot 🙂

Sending Photos to Official Naver Line Accounts

11 Mar

If you want to post a picture to an Official Line Account (like JYJ), the process is pretty simple but you need to do so from the computer version of Line, not the mobile version.  Right now, the mobile version says you cannot submit photos, but the online version will allow it. 

  1. Go to the account you want to post on.

  2. Click the “File” button with the disk picture next to it.

  3. Add your picture.

  4. Post. 

🙂  That’s seems like the easiest way to go about doing it!

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