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How to use Adobe Signature

24 Sep

This is a brief tutorial on how to use Adobe Reader’s ‘Signature’ tool.

Step 1 β€” Open the PDF you want to sign.

I started with a blank page to make it easier to see.

Ignore the Microeconomics textbook open in the corner πŸ˜‚

Step 2 β€” Click the ‘ink quill’ symbol on the far right side of the toolbar

It looks like this when opened:

Step 3 β€” Click Add Signature

If it doesn’t automatically appear, click the blue ink quill + ‘sign’ symbol.

Step 4 β€” Enter your Signature

You have multiple choices on how to input a signature. You can

  • 1) Type it and the computer will use a ‘signature font’
  • 2) Hand write it if you have a pen and touchscreen — most authentic
  • 3) Input an image of your signature

If you don’t like the signature font when typing, click the ‘style’ button and choose a different font.

Step 5 β€” Click ‘Applyand move the signature wherever you want it on the screen.

If you have a line you need to put it on, just drag it over there using your mouse.

Step 6 β€” Save as a new PDF

You’re done! Signed and ready to email.

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