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How to use Adobe Signature

24 Sep

This is a brief tutorial on how to use Adobe Reader’s ‘Signature’ tool.

Step 1 Open the PDF you want to sign.

I started with a blank page to make it easier to see.

Ignore the Microeconomics textbook open in the corner 😂

Step 2 Click the ‘ink quill’ symbol on the far right side of the toolbar

It looks like this when opened:

Step 3 Click Add Signature

If it doesn’t automatically appear, click the blue ink quill + ‘sign’ symbol.

Step 4 Enter your Signature

You have multiple choices on how to input a signature. You can

  • 1) Type it and the computer will use a ‘signature font’
  • 2) Hand write it if you have a pen and touchscreen — most authentic
  • 3) Input an image of your signature

If you don’t like the signature font when typing, click the ‘style’ button and choose a different font.

Step 5Click ‘Applyand move the signature wherever you want it on the screen.

If you have a line you need to put it on, just drag it over there using your mouse.

Step 6 Save as a new PDF

You’re done! Signed and ready to email.

Changes in the New Pinterest: The Basics

24 Mar

Pinterest is currently changing over to a new interface, and, while there aren’t any too serious changes, some things are slightly different.  I’ve been playing around with the new format and thought I’d run over some of the changes here.  So here are a few notations on the changes to your account home page and directions on adding or altering boards and pins.

The New Account Home Page


Pinterest Account Home Page = new format

If you look carefully, you will note that all the buttons on the top menu are now combined into one new drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. Continue reading

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