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Fashion I ❤: Po Campo Midway Weekender

31 Jul

As a frequent traveler, I’m always looking for well-designed, fashionable pieces of luggage.  And this new bag from Chicago fashion designer Maria Boustead is absolutely darling.  It is apparently intended for gym goers or sports enthusiasts with an expandable side strap to hold a jacket or yoga mat and a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes.

 I personally would be more inclined to simply use it as an easy overnight bag when traveling.  This would have been so helpful when I was traveling and then instantly on the move in Busan or during my overnight layover at the airport hotel.  Having something stylish available to carry a cute set of clothes and shoes and then later your travel clothes when you don’t have time to stop and drop things off at the hotel would be really helpful!  

The Po Campo Midway Weekender

“The Midway Weekender is ready for life’s travels, both big and small.”

There are three colors, all available on AMAZON:


BLACK ~ $94.94


Purse 1




Purse 3 Purse 2


BROWN ~ $86.45

Fashion I ❤: Holly in Nile Blue Swimsuit

30 Jun

I hate wearing two-piece swim suits, and I am so happy that someone has made a line of cute one piece suits!  After watching 59+ too many women sitting on the beach constantly pulling up, checking, worrying abour, or re-arranging their bikini tops, I greatly prefer sticking with the reliable one-piece. ReySwimWear’s collection is darling!  

You can find other designs on their website, but I like this one because of the should straps.  Are they stunning or what?   These straps are attractive on any woman, and make a great change from the traditional skinny straps.

Holly in Nile Blue

“Named after Audrey Hepburn’s beloved character, Holly Golightly, in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s….”

$79 on the website

holly in nile blue

Fashion I ♥: Cypris Black Sapphire Ring

21 Jun

“Cypris the Swan” Ring with Black Sapphires, Diamonds, and two Rubies


This would be awesome with a little black dress!  Available on Boucheron

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