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#OnePiece Toys at McD – #Marketing success (for teenage boys)

17 Aug

#McDonalds in #China is currently Having their #OnePiece Toys period. They play One Piece Shows on the TV, and all these college aged boys keep coming inand buying the #toys 😜😂. I think they are buying more than the kids 😂 Anyway, one of the managers drew this cute picture the other day. Pretty Good job!

Fashion I ❤: Holly in Nile Blue Swimsuit

30 Jun

I hate wearing two-piece swim suits, and I am so happy that someone has made a line of cute one piece suits!  After watching 59+ too many women sitting on the beach constantly pulling up, checking, worrying abour, or re-arranging their bikini tops, I greatly prefer sticking with the reliable one-piece. ReySwimWear’s collection is darling!  

You can find other designs on their website, but I like this one because of the should straps.  Are they stunning or what?   These straps are attractive on any woman, and make a great change from the traditional skinny straps.

Holly in Nile Blue

“Named after Audrey Hepburn’s beloved character, Holly Golightly, in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s….”

$79 on the website

holly in nile blue

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