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New Design ~ Aqua and Rose Checkered

13 Oct

Check out my new design! 😁💕

Simple checkered pattern in blues and pinks creating a natural backdrop that creates an ambiance of spring, winter, or ocean scapes. The design is available on tons of products at my store!

  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Children’s Toys and Accessories
  • Home Decor
  • Travel Products
  • more. . . .

#GeometricDesign #Minimalist #ModernArt #HomeDecor #Fashion



China Fashion ~ I See You!

27 Jan


China Fashion~ New Purse!

24 Jan

Had to buy a new purse on Taobao for my trip to Shanghai, the snap on my old one finally gave out.  So I was really excited to test it, this has been my second purchase on Taobao officially by myself! 🙂   Originally more than 200 Yuan, I got it for 50Yuan (about $9)!  So exciting. I was a little worried about the shoulder straps, but actually they ride really nicely! It even came with the cute bear 🙂  I love the woven look, it’s a type of art.  It’s about medium size, not too big, not too small. And it came right on time.  Great purchase!





China Fashion~ new wallet

17 Jan



Cheap wallet bought as a present from a local shop! ♡

Fashion I ♥: Cypris Black Sapphire Ring

21 Jun


“Cypris the Swan” Ring with Black Sapphires, Diamonds, and two Rubies


This would be awesome with a little black dress!  Available on Boucheron

Kentucky Derby Style

4 May

The Kentucky Derby is a fashionista’s heaven~ so many awesome hats and styles! Here are a few of my personal favorites from yesterday (May 3, 2014).  



Do You Have a Favorite Derby Hat? I’d Love to See a Picture!



You can find more Derby Hat Pictures at the following sites:

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