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A #Chinese #Dollhouse 😂

14 Feb

​I’ve been sick today so I was playing on Taobao and found these adorable/hilarious dollhouse items. If You’ve ever lived in China you’d know how accurate these images are 😂 Down to the cheap Chinese prngle alternatives (they look exactly like that!), cooke tins, and Green tea Oreo knockoffs 😄. I’ve been Coke Zero free for more than a month, but those bottles are so funny.  And the fanta soda.  😂

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Liquor for a dollhouse! 😂

International #Shopping fun – #Cat bed!

12 Feb

Haha! 😂 I want this for myself.  This is Awesome – and only $27 on Taobao! (189¥).  I think the tail is the pillow! 

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Is It Bigger on the Inside?

16 Mar

I Want Him for My Own

26 Feb

Training Chopsticks - Panda

I love this set of Training Chopsticks!  Eating with chopsticks is hard work, and the trainers help. But this one is so cute I’d buy it anyway just for adorableness factors!  They are available from OldShanghaiOnline, and only cost $5.95.  Maybe I’ll have some shipped to me. 🙂

Art I Love: Hosta Leaf and Flower Bowl Serving Set

7 Aug

“Hosta Leaf and Flower Bowl Serving Set” by Lee Wolfe Pottery

Available Here

(Right now the site says the Flowers are sold out, just the leaf is available for $26)

Holiday Decorating: Fourth of July Table Setting

2 Jul

My mom has some of these jars, this would be darling!

Home Interior: Storage Ideas

29 Jun

Your walls can be your best friend when you start to organize! More small space storage inspiration:


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