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6 Nov

It’s so cute, I could die! 😍

Professor #Panda!

3 Oct

Is it me? 😂😅😄😝😜😋

Little Lost Livvy Bear

13 Jan

This is my face about 90% of the time while living abroad 😜
Dictionaries? ✅ (4)

Maps? ✅ (2)

Chinese App? ✅ (6 and counting)

Students Phone Numbers for Emergencies? ✅ 

Sadness, #Chinese still is Such a complex #language!  Even after 4 years!

***Even the sign is probably wrong, poor Livvy Bear!!


Cute, And He Knows It

10 Dec



Find the Panda!

20 Dec

I Want Him for My Own

26 Feb

Training Chopsticks - Panda

I love this set of Training Chopsticks!  Eating with chopsticks is hard work, and the trainers help. But this one is so cute I’d buy it anyway just for adorableness factors!  They are available from OldShanghaiOnline, and only cost $5.95.  Maybe I’ll have some shipped to me. 🙂

A Day with the Panda

15 Aug

This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to see a real live Panda bear at the Tianjin Zoo!  This has long been a dream of mine (although don’t worry darling polar bears–I have enough room in my heart still for you) and I was glad to meet up with some friends who were as excited about panda searching as I was.  Luckily we made it just in time that day to see him eating some Bamboo (which was perfect. . . I mean it’s kind of like eating Belgium chocolates in Belgium or seeing an Arabian stallion in Arabia; seeing a bamboo-eating panda is kind of a prerequisite for visiting China) and then lazing about in the unbearable heat (see what I did there?) 😛  Cool huh?!?

I’m Back!

27 Jul

Have I got stories for you! China is just a fabulous place to visit!! I had such an amazing time visiting with and learning from these amazing people. Their kindness to my group was immeasurable; I cannot even being to tell how wonderful everything was.  And this next couple weeks I’ll start updating with pics, stories, and reviews.  But to give you a little taste; here are some of the cool things I saw and did!



15 May


I had a really awesome experience today! I was coming down the mountain of fushimi inari and saw a little critter run past me in the woods. After I described the fur, tail, and legs to my professor, we looked it up. I actually saw an incredibly rare Red Panda in Japan! Apparently this is really, really rare to see on in the wilds of Japan. Cool! I didn’t get a picture of him (he ran past too fast for me to get it), but here is what they look like. He was HUGE! And furry 😛

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