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Climbing Mount #Turtle

14 Mar

.😂 Hah@! Tommy turtle keeps crawling on top of Timmy turtle.  Mount Turtle has been mastered! 😜

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I Want Him for My Own

26 Feb

Training Chopsticks - Panda

I love this set of Training Chopsticks!  Eating with chopsticks is hard work, and the trainers help. But this one is so cute I’d buy it anyway just for adorableness factors!  They are available from OldShanghaiOnline, and only cost $5.95.  Maybe I’ll have some shipped to me. 🙂

I was having a bad day, now I’m not :)

28 Jul

Pro Heavy Metal Guitar Player + Adorable Little Girl = Awesome!

21 May

Art I Love — Polar Bear Baby

18 Dec

“Polar Bear Baby” by Miezbiez


I’m sorry, this is just too adorable

12 Nov

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