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Coffe Shops Around the World: Cafe Travel

14 Jan


This sweet little out-of-the way, tucked in shop has the most stunning view of Seoul, and delicious drinks. Try their citron smoothie! To die for! They even offer wifi (password available on request) and it just begs for dreamy-eyed writers and coffee-clutch friends. Bet it had a great view of the sunrise too!

Just take exit 2 from Hyehwa station go left and follow the signs up the mountain to the Ihwa Mural Village. The cafe sits at the gate to Naksan Park.


Getting Rid of Ants

21 May

First Home/Apartment Owner Lesson #1 :

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home.


In honor of the summer swarms that have begun to descend.  My mother taught me this trick a long time ago, and it works very quickly (overnight in fact a few times).   


1.) Find out where they are coming from or at least figure out what line they are following when they move.  Ants tend to follow one another in a straightish line back and forth from the food source to their home.  So figure out where that line is.

2.) Mix together in a microwavable, closable bowl: 

1/2 Cup of Sugar  (to attract them)

1/4 Cup of Borax (to Kill Them)

1 & 1/2 Cup of Warmed Water (to mix it all together).

3.) Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and place it in their line of travel.  

4.) Wait.  The ants will come around to carry the mixture back to their den because it tastes so good (the sugar).  This means they will spread to poison around and it will eliminate the group.  

5.) Replace the Cotton Balls When They Dry Out.  When you need a new one, just re-heat the mixture in a microwave and dip it in there again. Covers pretty much all summer!

Leaving to Come Home

15 Jun


I’ve never been to an unfamiliar place. It’s true. In spite of all my travels and the many changes that I ran into along the way, I always feel right at home when visiting new lands.  Admittedly, I’ve never been to the heart of wild Africa. Or the jungles of South America. Really, I’ve only been to pretty advanced locations. But still, when asking me about a foreign country, people always seem surprised when I say it was easy to adapt to.

They point to the difference in religion, food, and styles of clothing. And then comes the big sentence: “But the language is different!” they respond as though this summarizes everything.  And to them, it does. That little change in means of speaking  makes foreign countries seem like planets in a far away galaxy. Something exciting and exotic, but entirely unfamiliar. And to go there  is to enter the land of OZ, where roads are made of yellow and everything is new and (shudder) different.  

So I’ve taken to explaining it like this:

  • They use silverware for their food. 
  • They have a special love for fluffy pillows.
  • They heat their houses in the winter, and use fans/air conditioning in the summer.
  • They drink milk to please their mothers. Continue reading

Adulthood Lesson #1: Maintain a Personal Information Worksheet

5 Apr

To a child, every event, every move seems unforgettable.  And Teens can’t imagine every forgetting the name of that annoying boss at the deli who makes them work on Friday’s date night.  But eventually you grow up and life moves on, taking you with it.  

By the time you’ve gone to college, started a family, worked 5+ jobs, and have a home phone, family phone, cell phone, and skype phone, you’ll start realizing that keeping all that old information separate in your brain gets more and more difficult.  

However, eventually you’re probably going to find that  as you start looking for work, taking important tests, filing taxes, getting licenses, etc. that you will often need on hand a lot of that information from your past.  Some forms may ask you for the name and address of every company you’ve ever worked for (i.e. Certification Exams).  Maybe they need a list of all your home addresses for a background check (Law School).  Maybe you need to have on hand your ex-husband’s SSN# for a government form (i.e. if you’re audited).  

It’s a lot easier to keep track of all that information if you do it as you go along.  So for simplicity’s sake: 

Keep a Record Of All Your Important Work/Personal Info

Maintain an Excel or Word spreadsheet that has all of your important work, education, and personal information.  Keep it up to date; as soon as you marry add the date and county where it was registered into the form.  When you get divorced, go stick the date and presiding county name in your worksheet.  When you start a job add the date; when you quit, add that too.  A good list of things you might need to have on hand includes:

  • Your Personal Information
    • SSN#
    • Passport #
    • Home Addresses (for everywhere you’ve ever lived including dorms).
    • Dates of Residence
    • List of Information relating to any legal trouble you’ve had (including arrests, tickets, citations, etc.)
  • Family’s Personal Information
    • Spouse/Ex
      • Full Name
      • SSN#
      • Date of Birth
      • Date Married/Location of Certificate
      • Date Divorced / Location of Decree
    • Children
      • Full Name
      • SSN#
      • Date of Birth
    • Parents
      • Full Name
      • SSN#
      • Date of Birth
  • Educational Information
    • Name & Address of your High School/ Graduation month and year)
    • Name & Address of any Community Colleges or other such schools/ Dates of Attendance / Graduation Month & Year
    • Name & Address of any Undergraduate Colleges You attended / Dates of Attendance / Graduation Month & Year
    • Name & Address of any Graduate Colleges you Attended / Dates of Attendance / Graduation Month & Year
    • List information relating to any academic problems you’ve had (Probation/Expulsion/Discipline)
    • Important Test (ACT/SAT/GRE/GED) Scores / Dates Taken
  • Employment Information
    • Name of Employer
    • Name of Supervisor
    • Job Title
    • Description of Job Position
    • Address of Employer
    • Dates Employed
    • Name / Address / Contact Information for Potential Recommendations
  • Additional Information
    • Clubs, Organizations, etc. That You Are A Member Of / Dates of Membership
    • Honor’s Awarded 

I’ve drawn up a sample of the Word worksheet I use and uploaded it to Dropbox.  You can find it here.  

While it’s a good idea to have this saved in writing or on your computer, remember that it is all confidential information (and likely the answer to many security questions for online accounts) so don’t share it with other people.  Keep it in a very safe place!

Finally, A Toast To Making Life Easier!

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