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#Airport Food and Fun

2 Oct

​Fun times with a 5 hour #layover at #ICN #airport!  The historical parade was out in force for photo shoots, and #angelinus coffee served up some delicious #peachtea and cookies & cream smoothie.

Iced #Chocolate ❤

13 Aug

Iced #Chocolate at #CaffeBene ☕ in Changchun, #China! Love the #Art in this Cafe, the paintings are pretty ❤

Coffe Shops Around the World: Cafe Travel

14 Jan


This sweet little out-of-the way, tucked in shop has the most stunning view of Seoul, and delicious drinks. Try their citron smoothie! To die for! They even offer wifi (password available on request) and it just begs for dreamy-eyed writers and coffee-clutch friends. Bet it had a great view of the sunrise too!

Just take exit 2 from Hyehwa station go left and follow the signs up the mountain to the Ihwa Mural Village. The cafe sits at the gate to Naksan Park.



9 Jan

Wow! No one does breakfast like Tom n Toms in Seoul! This is so good! Honey and butter toast, with a HUGE pile of whipped cream!


Art I Love ~ Coffee in Seoul

16 Jul

“Coffee in Seoul” by Stephen Nicol

Avoiding Coffee Spills

13 Jan

Here is my random tip of the day!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly spilling coffee all over my hand.  Trying to carry the open cup from the coffee pot to a table-top usually leaves me with burn marks and rather loud expressions of words better left unspoken.  0_0

But then, a waitress offered me a little tip.  Did you know that it is easier to carry an open cup of coffee if you don’t look at it?

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