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In Memorial

8 Sep

In memorial for EunB (21) and RiSe (23), members of the Korean band “Ladies Code.”  The band was involved in an accident on Sept. 3, when their van lost a tire and crashed into the guardrail/protective rail.  EunB was pronounced DOA, with her funeral on Sept. 5.  RiSe passed away today after an extensive surgery had to be halted due to complications.  It’s amazing and tragic how quickly these types of things can happen.  So in honor of these girls who contributed their own part to the growing culture of K-Pop, God bless you and your families. 


Little Girl Dancing–So Cute!

30 Jan

While visiting the Kawasaki Mall in Yokohama, I was surprised to find that Teen Top was visiting the mall for a fan meeting the same day. We sat around for a few hours waiting for the meeting to start, and the mall was playing the band’s videos and music on big tv’s around the area.

This little girl loved the music and started dancing around! She actually has a great sense of rhythm! 🙂 So cute! ❤

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