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Breakfast at #Seoul

28 Dec

​One of my #Korea favorites! #Peach Iced #tea at the Paris Baguette. With a delicious ham & cheese muffin. . . . Great start to a Great day!

Breakfast at IchiBakery

22 Jan

Ichi Bakery was our first stop in Shanghai! We came out of the xujiahui metro station and found this cute spot. Very lovely inside. Offers brunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.


Yummy!  I prefer scrambled eggs and forgot to say. So this was my first time eating sunnyside up!  Brave 🙂


These eggs were poached, but still cold inside!  Like refrigerated cold ~ maybe how they do it here? Not sure.


Came with the bread, salad, fruit bowl, and choice of drink! The pastry was so flaky and delicious!


These were some of the best drinks ive had in China. They were perfect, including the hot chocolate I ordered. Coffee was starbucks quality。



9 Jan

Wow! No one does breakfast like Tom n Toms in Seoul! This is so good! Honey and butter toast, with a HUGE pile of whipped cream!


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