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Walking on Water

24 Aug

Braving the #Busan ocean walk! The glass part was creepy too – Especially after I realized part of the first layer had broken off. 😱
Actually it was a lot of fun!

#SummerVibes at Haeundae #Beach!

29 Jul

#Haeundae Beach! I totally lucked out 😊 My #hotel (#ArkBlueHotel) was only 2 blocks from the #beach, was cheap, and the staff were really nice! 💕 The beach was basically empty! In mid-July!!! So nice, soft sand, cold water. . . . gorgeous experience!

#Travel #Foodie! – Canteloupe Cereal

27 Jul

#Canteloupe cereal anyone?!?

Scale of 1 to 5 how delicious does it look? 😃

Sea of Japan in #Pusan

20 Jul

14 . . . 15 the sea is green 🎤

*Remember that song 😎?

The view from the sea path up to the #skywalk. ❤️

Next #Destination – #Korea!

13 Jul

Next destination – Seould and Busan! Crazy semester is finally over! Get achance to relax!

Riding the Horsey!

23 Feb

Lol, On my trip to Busan, South Korea, we visited one of the temples, and it had a long line of ancient stone monuments lining the walkway.  Kids were enjoying them all, but this was a particular favorite.  Quality isn’t great (I got a new and much better camera today though! Yay!!), but the pic was darling.  He was so excited to climb it all by himself. 🙂

Boy on Horse

So cute!


Yonggungsa Temple

25 Jan

Yonggungsa Temple

Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, ROK

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