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Art I Love ~Sunbathing

7 Oct
Sunbathing by Exileden

“Sunbathing” by Exileden

Kentucky Derby Style

4 May

The Kentucky Derby is a fashionista’s heaven~ so many awesome hats and styles! Here are a few of my personal favorites from yesterday (May 3, 2014).  



Do You Have a Favorite Derby Hat? I’d Love to See a Picture!



You can find more Derby Hat Pictures at the following sites:

Art I Love – Naoko, Akatsuki no Musume

12 Apr

” Naoko, Akatsuki no Musume” by Monssieur War

Art I Love – Horse Warrior

1 Apr

“Horse Warrior” by Tsart68

Art I Love – Man With Horse

15 Feb

“Wallpaper from Wallcoo.com” by Anon If you are the original artist, please contact me with your name and the original source so I can give recognition.

Riding the Horsey!

23 Feb

Lol, On my trip to Busan, South Korea, we visited one of the temples, and it had a long line of ancient stone monuments lining the walkway.  Kids were enjoying them all, but this was a particular favorite.  Quality isn’t great (I got a new and much better camera today though! Yay!!), but the pic was darling.  He was so excited to climb it all by himself. 🙂

Boy on Horse

So cute!

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