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Walking on Water

24 Aug

Braving the #Busan ocean walk! The glass part was creepy too – Especially after I realized part of the first layer had broken off. 😱
Actually it was a lot of fun!

Art I Love ~ Siren

30 Jul

“Siren” by Cocodrilla

So Smart!

24 Mar

This octopus is brilliant, awesome, and totally hip.  The voice-giving diver is equally as cool 🙂

Flying Mobula Rays! Stunning!

29 May

I didn’t know mobula rays flew like that. They don’t seem to be going forward as much as straight up and down.  It’s like they enjoy belly-flopping! I would love to see this


A Mermaid Tail Come True!

3 Apr

A Mermaid Tail Come True!


You can’t see me, but I’m secretly squealing inside. . . . Eeeeeeee!!!!!

This woman is an honest-to-God mermaid (okay so she hasn’t mastered the whole breathing under water, and she is notedly missing a particular flounder fish at her side, but still!).  She used to work in college offices, now she swims underwater with a beautiful, gem-stone encrusted mermaid tale.   I’m just waiting for her to announce her marriage to the mermaid prince!  This definitely goes on my list of all time favorite unique jobs! 🙂

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