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New Terms Added to Corporate Governance Vocabulary

2 Feb

I’ve added new terms to the list of Business or Corporate Governance Vocabulary

Don’t forget, the Chinese translations come from the Chinese students rather than professional translators. While I believe they are accurate, you may want to consult professionals before using them for official documents. This is mainly intended to contribute to daily conversation between English speaking Companies and Chinese companies.

v. = Verb
n. = Noun
adj. = Adjective
adv. = Adverb

(c) All Rights Reserved. You are welcome to use this material. However, if you do end up using these definitions in your material (educational, informational, or professional), please include either a link to this webpage or the following reference: Blessing, Olivia. “Corporate Governance Vocabulary.” DeceptivelyBlonde.com. This is for two reasons: 1) I’d like to share the resource with others. 2) I created these definitions myself. Thanks!

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Corporate Governance Vocabulary

31 Dec


This semester I had the wonderful opportunity to introduce my International Business Management students to the concept of International Corporate Governance.  They had studied the idea of corporate governance the previous semester, but it revolved significantly around US rules and regulations.

This time, my goal was to expand their understanding of Business Management, Corporate Law, and Business Ethics to an international level. The ultimate plan was for the students to understand the international parties, rules, and features of Corporate Governance.  At the end, the students should be fully capable of doing the research and opening up legal, ethical corporations around the world.

Unfortunately, I teach ESL students; it quickly became clear that in order for the class to proceed some Corporate Governance-related vocabulary was necessary.  Since I know many other students suffer from the same problem, I have decided to share with you the same vocabulary I shared with my students!

In the interest of helping English-speaking teachers or businesspersons trying to use Chinese, I have also included the Chinese translations my students provided for the words.   While I cannot attest to the validity of the Chinese terms (I highly recommend you verify these terms in case you need to use them in an official capacity), perhaps they can help in general conversation. 🙂 If you find corrections, please let me know in the comments!  

I’ll be updating the vocabulary page regularly over the next 15 weeks or so with new words (about 20-30 a week). 

Click below to visit the Vocabulary Page


I’d love to know if this resources helps anyone out and how you use the vocabulary terms in your work!  

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