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Not a Bum

4 Jan

I’m sorry, but it’s a Sunday after 5pm and I just finished a 24 page, 4000+ word paper. I can’t make promises on my level of ‘bumness’. 😂😂But I’m gonna eat the candy anyway!

#Travel #Foodie! – Pokey Durian

27 Jul

When your fruit is too pokey to handle . . . 😂 The spines are really hard and pointy.

#Foodie ‘N Me. . . say NO!

10 Mar

When you run into #desserts that you’re just not sure about. . . . 🤔 😛 And then you actually try and are like, ‘Just say no to dessert!’

I’m just saying, I never meet a dessert I won’t eat and I left BOTH of these on the table. Still not sure about the second, but the first was #greentea jello with red beans and lychee fruit. 😮

Would y’all try it?!?

Yummy Pork Buns and other Tianjin Foods

24 Aug Pork

The people of Tianjin, China are very proud of their cuisine; and for good reason.  I am an extremely picky eater due to allergies (Pork, Fish, Tomatoes, Soy, Nuts, and more) and I usually have to subsist on Pringles and Microwave meals from the Convenience stores when I stay in Asia.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tianjin is actually not as bad for me as some of the other places. Most of the food served in Chinese restaurants there are actually vegetable dishes. I expected tons of rice, but found that you frequently only got a teeny tiny bowl at the end of your meal.  Most dishes were pea pods, cashews, leafy greens, mushrooms, peppers (green, red, and yellow), eggplant, and other such organic foods mixed together with varied sauces and meats.  While I did find myself eating a lot of pork; my allergy to that isn’t so bad so I was able to bypass the effects there and they served a lot of beef, duck, and lamb dishes. Amazingly, I found that their concept of dessert was fruit: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Grapes were served all summer as a refreshing meal end.  I actually lost more than 20 lbs this summer between the exercise and healthy foods.  To give you a taste, here are some of the great dinners we had!

Nonetheless, while Tianjin cooks serve hundreds of yummy dishes, they are most famous for three different Continue reading

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