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Neat Webcam of Lions

9 Jun

Stumbled across this neat webcam of a Lion habitat at the Milwaukee Zoo.  Neat! 

Click the link to go to the webcam.

<3 Cuddly Lions

17 Apr

Seoul Grand Park Zoo

23 Nov

Random photos from my trip to the Seoul’s Grand Park Zoo!  Great place to take your kids 🙂 Just make sure you have run and play clothes cause the kids like to hit the fountains, play areas, etc. 


Subway Stop: Seoul Grand Park

Subway Directions: Take Line 4  to the Seoul Grand Park stop (i.e. toward Oido) and follow Exit 2.

 If you look at the subway map here, it is the 7th stop after crossing the river.


When you take Exit 2, you will see a long walkway in front of you. All you have to do is go straight  until you come to the big fountain and the building behind it that says zoo.

There is a little ticket booth at the big building, where you buy a shuttle ticket for 1,000 Won.  Go through the gates and get on the shuttle; the zoo will be on your first stop.  Check out the map below for directions.


From there it’s all fun and games and pet-the-animals 🙂  After you enter the zoo grounds, there are red, yellow, blue, and green lines painted on the paths. Each one is a different route, and you can pick and chose which you want to follow via the maps.  I ran up the Blue and Green paths, which took me past the big wild animals (Bear, Tigers, Elephants, etc.), ocean/marine animals, and a few other odds and ends. Plus I got to hit the HUGE ski lift which carried me down the mountain over the tiger/cheetah/lion exhibits and some gardens; an amazing experience.  I am seriously going back there just to ride the ski lift again.  I also like it cause it gives the kids something fun to do on the way down without making them walk all the way back down the mountain when they’re tired.  With my undying distaste for anything snake related, I always avoid the reptiles and birds weren’t really high on my list; however that all available as well.  

Speaking of Zoos. . . OOps

16 Aug

Speaking of zoos and  bears and wild things, check out this article where a zoo in China swapped out a lion for a big dog and hoped no one would notice. Apparently it actually worked until the lion started barking.  Talk about a surprise! Guess we’re lucky we saw a panda in Tianjin instead of a black and white puppy!  That must have been humiliating 😛

Mastiff looks like lion


A Lazy Day in Lion Land

20 Jun LIon


Lol, he kept yawning. It was making me sleepy!

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