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#Tigger is here

27 May

Holy tigger,  I love this – Our university art students are encouraged to paint the man holes aroind campus as projects. This one showed up today! ❤


Cute, And He Knows It

10 Dec


Fuzzy Around the Ears

14 Jul

Buck feeding in the Fields

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

22 Jan


Part cool, part creepy. Water Moniter.


Color Coordinated

20 Jan


Neat Webcam of Lions

9 Jun

Stumbled across this neat webcam of a Lion habitat at the Milwaukee Zoo.  Neat! 

Click the link to go to the webcam.

Art I Love: Art School

3 Jun

“Art School” by S M Samsu



27 May

Bunny Wearing Bunny Slippers

9 May

Having seen this photo, my life is now complete. I can die a happy woman.

A very serious rabbit wearing bunny slippers.

Speaking of Zoos. . . OOps

16 Aug

Speaking of zoos and  bears and wild things, check out this article where a zoo in China swapped out a lion for a big dog and hoped no one would notice. Apparently it actually worked until the lion started barking.  Talk about a surprise! Guess we’re lucky we saw a panda in Tianjin instead of a black and white puppy!  That must have been humiliating 😛

Mastiff looks like lion

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