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#OnePiece Toys at McD – #Marketing success (for teenage boys)

17 Aug

#McDonalds in #China is currently Having their #OnePiece Toys period. They play One Piece Shows on the TV, and all these college aged boys keep coming inand buying the #toys 😜😂. I think they are buying more than the kids 😂 Anyway, one of the managers drew this cute picture the other day. Pretty Good job!

Japanese Cosplay Song and Dance

8 Sep


Hahaha! FootballCon ~ so true!

4 Feb

Must See!

5 May

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to see this.  0_0  WANT!


1 Mar

saw him in the store today and just had to buy him.  Now I have my very own Grell!  My friends and I used to watch this anime to get stress relief from exams.  I am so excited to find him!

Art I Love ~ 07 Ghost

17 Jun

Anime produced by Studio DEEN, Original manga illustrated by Yuki Amemiya & Yukino Ichihara

Okay, this is technically an anime (07 Ghost), but I just generally love the artist’s work in the show.  Sometimes the animations can be poorly drawn, but this show is stunning.  The art kind of blows my mind.

Hetalia Geography

21 Jan

“Hetalia Geographic” by Plushie Bastet


Hah, This is Incredibly true.  I still remember the position of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia via maps made up from Hetalia.

The Wind Rises

9 Dec


Can’t wait to see this.  Sounds like a great movie (if perhaps rather sad). And I definitely want the soundtrack! 🙂

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