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I Have Great Students

17 Feb

It is seriously unfair to other teachers that I got the best students in the world. 🙂 Remember I love each of you and I believe in you! You deserve the best this world has to offer, thank you for being so amazing!

Simple Chinese: Thank You

7 Sep

To live in China, it helps to pick up a little Mandarin here and there!

Thank You = 谢谢 = Xièxiè = Shee-eh Shee-eh (said really fast)

Normandy Beach Memorial Sketched in Sand

13 Nov

We’ve all read the history books that quote the facts: Names, Dates, Medals won, Statistics; but it’s hard to really bring those facts to life in all their significance. There have been books, films, radio shows, and pictures that convey portions and glimpses into what the soldiers face, but still something is missing. We have seen the horror in the blood, and the screams, and the war–but we lose track of the Continue reading

1 Year, 12,983 views (and counting).

6 Nov


Happy Anniversary to me! Today marks the 1 year anniversary from the moment I started “DeceptivelyBlonde,” my very first blog ever. It started with the thoughts and pictures and heart-felt comments from yours truly, beginning with “Travelling in a 외국의 (foreign) Land” and launching out into many directions. I’ve talked about everything from Gluten-free cooking, to stressed out law school rants, to favorite poems, travel articles, history lessons and more.  I originally expected to focus on travelling, but I got swept away in the many enjoyments of life and the beauty of sharing them.  It started as one blog, and has now morphed into several blogs and websites, including:

and more. . .  The websites have seen thousands of views and many, many followers who have helped motivated this dream.

And today, I want to thank you, my readers, for going along with me on the ride.  You have faithfully stood by me all this time, supporting me with your Likes and Comments, which I appreciate way more than you know!  It has been a blessing in my life to feel connected with each of you, to read your blogs in turn and to see the world through your eyes.  So THANK YOU! You all rock!

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