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“Culture Blaming and Stereotyping in the South Korean Ferry Tragedy”

27 Apr

Great Article talking about the victim-blaming going on in the news right now.  The Korean culture is a beautiful thing; the fact that there were so many heroic kids, some as young as 6, mature enough to think through helping one another speaks well of the culture, their parents, and them.  These were great, smart, amazing children.  They have my respect.  **DB

“Culture Blaming and Stereotyping in the South Korean Ferry Tragedy”

by Kai Ma via “TIME.com”

A nation grieves, a nation is blamed.

It’s a story that gets more tragic by the hour. The Sewolferry, carrying 476 passengers, mostly youth from one high school in Ansan, South Korea, capsized last Wednesday while en route to Jeju Island. Shortly after the sinking, 174 passengers were rescued. More than a week later, at the time of this writing, 175 are confirmed dead; 127 are missing.

It’s also a story that’s downright mystifying. A captain that jumped ship. Untouched lifeboats. Orders to stay put as the vessel rolled. As bodies continue to be pulled from the sea, and as families desperately seek answers, the Sewol disaster has created a cultural flashpoint, forcing many to ask, “Who is to blame?” Continue reading

The Rebellion of Lawrence

22 Feb

Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to inform you all that Lawrence the Laptop has decided to go on walkabout. Yes, he is laying down on the job, taking an unapproved leave of absence in his duties.  This afternoon, as I was researching for the major 3 day exam starting Monday,  Lawrence staged a protest and refused to read his hard drive. That’s right, he quit on me!  The nerve! The scum!  

Naturally, the earliest he can be fixed is after my exam, and I’m going to lose everything.  So I want you to join me today in the snubbing of my old friend.  I refuse to even look at him right now.  Forcing me to resort to poor Dollie the Dell, tired in her old age and maintaining a battery of O seconds (take the plug out of her and she drops dead).  Making me bring the dear out of retirement. I am seriously displeased.  

In Memory of Paul Walker

30 Nov

In memory of Paul Walker (aka the character Brian O’Connor), who passed away today in a car crash.  I don’t usually have any emotional response when one of the stars passes away (beyond pity of course), but Walker’s character in Fast and the Furious meant a lot to me and my friends.  My best friend and I spent hours bonding over the FATF films, watching the first 3 straight in a row (we were a little late getting caught up).  We would talk for days after each re-watch oohing and aahing over the fast cars and hot boys, and his loss hit us both kind of hard.  We didn’t know him personally, but his work was important to  us and meant a lot to our memories as friends.  He was an excellent actor, and according to all reports a stand-up guy in the middle of the mess that is Hollywood.  So to Paul Walker (and the memories of Brian O’Connor), may your trip to Heaven be like one giant drag race to the finish line! 

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Zorbing–As deadly as it looks

9 Jan

Zorbing–As deadly as it looks

I had no earthly idea that Zorbing was even a thing.  Much less a recognized sport.  However, I think I’ll postpone trying it for a while.  Not unless I have walls guarding my every way down the mountain.  Who would have thought it could go so badly off course!   

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