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15 Apr

Awww!  Made some new friends! #可爱! 

In Chinese, ‘ke ai’ is Cute!  Like these cuties!

Best Friends Forever

17 May


I was born in the Year of the Chinese snake. This means that what I have loved becomes mine. And what is mine I love forever. This is my Kristin, and I loved her since my earliest memories. My Best Friend Forever!   For those of you out there with a childhood best friend, say hello to them today if you can!

18 Apr


I can actually see my best friend and I doing this. . . . It would have been awesome for an answer to questions in English Lit. classes.


To Best Friends

22 Jan

2 Hour long Conversation with my Bestie about everything from British Crime Television to a preference for tall, dark, and handsome, to a long description of favorite books, and in-depth plans for our future–Why yes, sounds like it would make my day 🙂 

Cheers for Good Friends who Just Get You!

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