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Installing #WordPress Site on #HostGator

21 Apr

How to Install and Start Editing your WordPress Site on Hostgator!!

STEP #1 – Sign Into yourย CONTROL PANEL. ย If you aren’t sure how, look here.

WP 1

See the button in the picture above that says “WordPress – 1 Click Installation?” ย Click it ๐Ÿ™‚

WP 2

Click the down arrow and choose the domain name (URL: http://www.deceptivelyblonde.com) that you have created on HostGator and was to set up as a WordPress Site. Click “Next”

WP 3

Fill in your Name and information for the WordPress Site. ย Be careful – if the email address you use already has a WordPress Site attached to it, they’ll want to add this site to your old WordPress account. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll have to create a new WordPress account.

WP 4

You’re installing! ย Wait, Wait, Wait!

WP 5

Awesome! Your Installation is Complete. ย Pay attention to the “Installed to:” “Username” and “Password” — You’ll need these next.

Take that “Installed To:” URL and put it in your URL field at the top of your browser. It should be the url you chose for your website. ย Basically, just go visit your new site. It’ll show the image below:

For example: “https://www.deceptivelyblonde.com”

wP 6

This is the page that everyone else is going to see until you finally publish your completed site. ย But for now, just click “Admin Login.” ย In the picture below, enter the username and password that they gave you before. ย ย ย 

WP 7

Viola! ย You’ll be on the familiar “WordPress” dashboard instead of the Hostgator dashboard. ย Now you can go through the steps and start setting up your website. ย (I’ll post another instruction set for that later. ๐Ÿ™‚

WP 8

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