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#Pork Belly! 

10 Jan

​#Pork Fat Back / Pork Belly is a popular dish in #China!    The have a kind of #BBQ sauce they add to it. Good! (although this one was a little oily.)

Life in China~ new snack

19 Jan


Korean kimchi flavored crackers 🙂


Black pepper!



Bad Translations: Blueberry Muffin

3 Jan

20150101_163604[1]Lol, I ordered a “blueberry muffin” at this really sweet cafe near home.  The cafe is 4 stories and you can go up on the top floors to sit and watch the world go by.  They told me the blueberry muffin had blueberry sauce poured over it, and I thought that sounded like something good.  Then I got this huge, totally awesome creature with whipped cream and blueberry sauce!  Unfortunately, they gave use clear plastic gloves to eat it instead of a fork, so it was slightly messy. But DELICIOUS!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

8 Sep

September 8th was the day the Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, kind of their version of Thanksgiving.  It’s a day where they appreciate the harvests and eat yummy mooncakes (amongst other foods) with their families, all while gazing at the moon.  One of my students recommended that I drink black tea while eating the mooncake because it (enhanced the natural flavor and burns off the sugar).  It did go might well together, if I say so myself 🙂


My mooncake tasted a lot like a fig newton, but if you want to celebrate your own Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many many different kinds of mooncakes to try!

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