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Fun #Train Fact!

22 Jun

Learned something #new today! The bullet #train 🚄 in #China 🇨🇳has seats A, B, C, D, and F.  I asked why no E? ❓

According to my #student the trains are copying the #flight system.  It used to be there were six letters . . . So A & F were #window seat, B & E were #middle seats, and C & D were #aisle seats.  Now if there is no middle seat, they skip that letter.  😜  The things I learn!

My Best Friend Loves This :)

1 Aug

Random Fun: Test Your Vocabulary!

8 Jul



Fun new test, you can access at http://testyourvocab.com/!  I had over 33,000 words 🙂

Stunning display from a Drone’s POV

5 Jul


Silverware Palm Tree!

21 May

New Invention: Wet Suits to Ward off Sharks!

20 May

Hamish Jolly, a swimmer, has invented a set of two wet suits for swimmers and surfers that are supposed to deter shark attacks.  The one for swimmers camouflages you in the water, while the other one mimics the coloring of one of the sharks enemy predators.   If this actually worked, I might be more willing to travel island-side!  You can find out more here.

Hamish Jolly (center) and his two wetsuits that aim to prevent shark attacks on swimmers and surfers

Spelling Tip: Remembering Desert v. Dessert

26 Jan

Got into a discussion with a friend about how to remember which one has the second “s” – This is how I remember it 😛

This dry and sandy spot exists because it has limited amounts of water–generally an entire absence of the stuff.  Thus it is limited to only one “s”–it’s missing something. 

This stuff is all about overkill — sweetness and calories galore.  Ergo it get’s an overabundance of the letter “s.”  

Cool Google Chrome Change

23 Jan

Great news for Laurence the Laptop!

He might actually survive his stint as the lifeline for a professional writer/researcher/teacher. 😛

If you are anything like me, you threaten the poor darling’s life at least three times on any given day thanks to random unidentifiable voices streaming from the speakers.  I mean seriously, how can 4 ads be running just slighting off so that they scream over each other and I be unable to locate even one to shut the stupid thing off?  It drives me nuts!  I usually just throw a temper tantrum, shut down all the tab, lose all of my research, and let Laurence have it for being such a stupid nitwit.  

Fortunately, Google Chrome has come through finally!  At long last they have added a way for you to tell which tabs have sounds playing.  Check out the new little volume symbol on your tab at the top of the browser.

 If you see it, then that means that something is playing sounds on that tab.  The same is true regardless of whether it’s music, videos, random beeping noises, or advertisements–if it has some noise going on the symbol shows up.


Untitled picture

All the other browsers should adopt this change; it’s a keeper.  


New Island in Japan!

22 Nov

Random Kung Fu Question

13 Nov

Random Question: Has there ever been a kung fu fight where no one made the first move? I mean they do all that moving where they measure each other up.Then someone strikes–it’s not like they both just suddenly erupt like at a bar fight. And the person who hits first almost always loses – so why would you ever want to be the person to hit first? Which brings me back to my initial question–did it ever happen that they just never stopped measuring each other up waiting for the other to make the first move?

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