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Vypr VPN (Update)

29 Sep

Vypr VPN

A while back, I did a review of VyprVpn and mentioned some problems I was having with it here in Asia.  Since, I seem to have fixed most of my problems, I thought I would post an update on how it’s going!


Price: Same

Check out this post for a pricing run-down

Review: If you do decide Vypr is for you, go through this link for an extra 50% off your first month 🙂

Installation: Easy, but Repetitive 

Review: The process for installation is pretty easy.  Initially, you visit http://www.goldenfrog.com to set up an account and download the VPN.  That process is actually really easy.  And I didn’t have any problems with the DNS server when I set it up (unlike with Astrill).

One problem I’ve now run into is that the program keeps stalling (I hit connect and it stalls out, delivering a warning) and I have to re-install it every time I re-start my computer.  I’ve got the installation program downloaded now, so all I have to do is re-open it and run through the steps (takes about 3 minutes).  But it’s still a little annoying.

Also, the last update doesn’t work for me at all. It just shuts down Vypr.

Use: Easy (pretty much)

The recent update didn’t change appearance any, so the use-process is the same.

When I turn on my computer, I open the program from my desktop.  You can set it up to start automatically if you want.  The box will look like this:

Untitled picture

If you want to just connect right away, just click the blue connect button. If you want to change locations, click the exclamation mark looking blue button.  I have found that I never use the “Fastest Server” setting and I am constantly changing servers.  Just a tip, try to run with locations that look like someone no one else would use–the less famous nations on the list.

The little gear in the top right corner is where you can change the protocols.  I found however that the only protocol that works for me is PPTP.  Anything more and it won’t connect.  I also recommend that you set it to “Automatic Reconnect” — Vypr tends to dis-connect and re-connect frequently for me on poor internet servers so I like for it to reconnect without having to repeatedly punch the buttons.

That’s all there is to it! Just click connect and then close the program when you’re done.

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Things I Hate about the new “New Post” and “New Stats” Pages on WordPress

16 Mar

I’m usually pretty excited about new updates to technology.  New website versions up and running? I’m willing to give them a chance.  Of course, Facebook is driving me nuts (especially with the Messenger updates), but I’m typically happy with the new options most programs offer when advancing further into new designs and offerings.

WordPress has been one of those websites I really, really love.  I love the simplicity, I love how I almost instantly figure out what I need to do to accomplish my websites’ goals.  I love that it looks nice, and that my websites reflect that.  I love that it stays up-to-date.

But I’m really, REALLY not enjoying the new “New Post” and “New States” pages they are unveiling.  It’s much worse than the old pages for a variety of reasons.  Most of these issues are things I’ve lost with the new layout – maybe I’m missing something, but if so then so are a lot of other people. I always liked how easy it was to find things, and now I feel like a lot of stuff is just gone.  For example: Continue reading

Astrill Update

5 Feb

Yay! Astrill is semi-working on Apple again! And it actually seems a little better than before.  🙂  It started about 2-3 days ago and has been going on so far.  It drops every so often, but then it picks up again.  I haven’t tried visiting any blocked sites (I know some people who said those still threw them off), but it is helping keep my computer safe while I visit the allowed ones like my Outlook email again.  I’m happy!

Cool Google Chrome Change

23 Jan

Great news for Laurence the Laptop!

He might actually survive his stint as the lifeline for a professional writer/researcher/teacher. 😛

If you are anything like me, you threaten the poor darling’s life at least three times on any given day thanks to random unidentifiable voices streaming from the speakers.  I mean seriously, how can 4 ads be running just slighting off so that they scream over each other and I be unable to locate even one to shut the stupid thing off?  It drives me nuts!  I usually just throw a temper tantrum, shut down all the tab, lose all of my research, and let Laurence have it for being such a stupid nitwit.  

Fortunately, Google Chrome has come through finally!  At long last they have added a way for you to tell which tabs have sounds playing.  Check out the new little volume symbol on your tab at the top of the browser.

 If you see it, then that means that something is playing sounds on that tab.  The same is true regardless of whether it’s music, videos, random beeping noises, or advertisements–if it has some noise going on the symbol shows up.


Untitled picture

All the other browsers should adopt this change; it’s a keeper.  

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