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#Tech Smart – Using #Didi in China

11 Aug

SUCCESS! I finally tried using #Didi for the first time this week! In the US, we have #uber but China has a program called #Didi as their alternative. 🚗
I really enjoyed it actually! You put in your pick-up spot and destination. It finds a driver and tells you how long till they arrive, a map tracking their car coming to you, their license plate #, and a car description (i.e. black Toyota). They pick you up, take you to the destination, trigger the receipt – it is automatically paid for via #alipay or #wechat and you rate their service.
By the grace of God they Actually now have an #English versionof the app which lets you type the names of places in English or #Pinyin. Super convenient!!
I do so love #tech advancements 😜

Fun #Train Fact!

22 Jun

Learned something #new today! The bullet #train 🚄 in #China 🇨🇳has seats A, B, C, D, and F.  I asked why no E? ❓

According to my #student the trains are copying the #flight system.  It used to be there were six letters . . . So A & F were #window seat, B & E were #middle seats, and C & D were #aisle seats.  Now if there is no middle seat, they skip that letter.  😜  The things I learn!

Coex Mall & Aquarium

27 Nov

Gangnam Style!

This past summer, a Korean song artist, Psy, produced what would become almost an instant hit–“Gangnam Style.”  Snappy, Fast-paced, Easy to listen to, the song captured the world’s hearts and minds (literally, that song is stuck in your brain once you hear it).

As the song professes, Gangnam (a district in Seoul located on the south side of the Han River) has a life all of its own.  Well known for its particularly high level of wealth and standard of living, Gangnam is basically the Korean version of Beverly Hills or upper-class NYC.  It houses many of the financial centers of the world economy, as well as the central offices for several international companies.  Naturally, the attractions are as amazing as the rest of the area; it is definitely one of the best places to wander around if you are a visitor.

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Travelling in a 외국의 (foreign) Land

8 Nov

Travelling–the great journey into the unknown.  Dun dun duunnn…  They tell you the world is vast, and you sort of understand that when you begin to travel.  But nothing quite seems to prepare you for that first step off the runway and into a whole new world.  Luckily, at least in the countries I have visited, that new world has seemed just familiar enough (they had normal American toilets and a Dunkin Donuts. . . always a plus) that I wasn’t completely dumped into culture shock.

However, I was recently asked by my supervisor to draw up some tips for fellow  students visiting countries where the language is a barrier.  I got to thinking about it, and I decided to focus on what I learned on my most recent visit to Korea.   By miracle alone, I had the luck to be roomed with a local girl for the first two weeks, or I have no idea what I would have done.  Travelling in a new country without the benefit of language proficiency is difficult, but there are a few things that can make your life so much easier.

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