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Guess What’s for #Dinner! #Seafood!

11 May

#Starfish and #Sea slugs. . . It’s What’s for dinner 😂🍴🐠🦀


Good Catch!

7 Sep


Chinese Cultural Beauties ~ Moderation

11 Nov


The local cafe has recently acquired a new employee devoted to customer happiness ~ Gordy, the resident Koi fish 🙂

Adorable little guy, he swims around in his bowl quite contentedly, entertaining children and adults alike.

Having attempted to keep koi fish myself and discovering a problem wherein they kept dying, I asked the owner how they have kept him alive so long.

One of the beauties of Chinese culture is how often they answer simple questions with ancient proverbs or philosophical explanations.

The owner’s enlightening response was that the key lay in finding moderation.  The Koi fish are like people~they are a little strong and a little weak. They have particular environments that they need to survive. If it is too clean and easy, they will be lazy and unhealthy.  If it is too dirty and difficult, they will be depressed and find it hard to breathe. They need balance to survive.

So every day, he changes Gordy’s water. But where I would change the water completely, they balance clean and dirty water. They dump out half of the old water and add half with new/fresh water.  This way, the water is a lot like the local ponds that Gordy comes from ~ a little fresh water (from rain and connected waterways) and a little dirty water (from algae, dirt, and other natural dirtiers).  In this natural environment, Gordy grows both strong and happy.

Go Gordy! Live Long and Prosper!

Big Fish in a Small Pond

15 May


Koi swimming in a small Temple Pool

New pets!

24 Feb

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to my brand new fishies!!  Quai Quai (QQ) is a sweet blue boy happy to swim alongside his friend LeLe, the pink girl.  Quai Le is part of the greeting for happy New Years, so my friend Harry thought the name was perfect 🙂 aren’t they darling. I love them already!  

They are painted glass fish, and we’re kind of a spur of the moment buy.  Apparently their colors are the result of some unethical changes, but I’m still glad to have these new friends.  Maybe the rest of their lives can be happy with me! But only if LeLe quits trying to chase QQ around the bowl 🙂


Color Coordinated

20 Jan


The Bowls of the Seas ~ Aquarium Seas that is

15 Jun

Osaka Aquarium

Flying Mobula Rays! Stunning!

29 May

I didn’t know mobula rays flew like that. They don’t seem to be going forward as much as straight up and down.  It’s like they enjoy belly-flopping! I would love to see this

Waffle Fish: Essentially Japanese

29 May

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Haha, had a little fun today!  My roommate and I went wandering and we finally got the chance to try these fish-shaped waffle treats.  We’ve been dying to try them for a while, but they usually are filled with this bean paste that doesn’t sound too appetizing.  However, today the little shop across from the hotel offered the ones filled with chocolate so we took a chance and grabbed one on the spot.  It cost 100 yen (approx. $1), and was pretty good.  I thought it was a little bland (literally a pancake filled with cheap chocolate), but I think it has a lot of potential.  I want to try making one with sweeter pancake batter and perhaps a more flavorful chocolate.  Still, I had fish-shaped waffles! How awesome is that?!?

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