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Life in #China – #WeChat 

28 May

This World is so much #Fun!

15 May

🎐🔮I just had a professional Chinese Fortune Teller try to connect on LinkedIn. My life is so cool! 😎

LinkedIn Official

14 Oct

That moment LinkedIn becomes a Gossiping Middle-Schooler – “I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows what you said on LinkedIn!” Mwahahaha!


FB Adverts

15 Jul

Facebook has decided to advertise EBAY products to me on the side ~ probably because I’ve been out there so much.  Unfortunately, they keep advertising MY products, the one’s I’m selling.  AD Fail, FB, AD Fail.

How Many Times Have You Been Shared on Facebook?

9 Jun

If you are interested in finding out how many times your website (or any website) has been shared or drawn comments on Facebook, it’s simple.  

Just type http://graph.facebook.com/yoursiteaddress into the URL bar on your browser.  It will then tell you how many times that page has been shared and how many comments have been posted.

Replace “yoursiteaddress” with the exact url (Http:// and www. included) of whatever page you want to look up. NOTE: If you add in www. where there isn’t one or remove www. where there is one, the results will change.

For example,


looks like:


Whereas, one of my posts on Students Ramblings appears like this:



Adding Social Media Buttons to Your WordPress.com Website

14 May

I’m mixing directions from several different websites, but I have tried clearing it up as much as possible.  Enjoy!

Adding Social Media Buttons to Your Website via HTML Code


Although some WordPress.com (and other website-building site) themes have a way to automatically customize social media, quite a few actually don’t.  For my WordPress website, I used to just add the “Image” widget and link to my other accounts. But since you can’t line them up horizontally, that ended up with a long line of pictures down my sidebar.  So instead, I mixed directions from different websites, played around, and came up with the following instructions for adding a horizontal row of Social Media icons linked to your accounts.  

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