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My Students Precisely

21 Sep

Life in China ~ Bring It (Managerial Econ Style)

22 Mar

ūüėõ¬†I am teaching a class of students whose English is particularly bad, but I had them last semester too and we have been moving along. It takes translating every couple of words (money, war, economy, market, cash, coin, card) to communicate, but we were happy with our steady if slow pace¬†ūüôā¬†

Then Today, I had two new students join the class from Int’l Trade 1 (the best students, include one who has excellent English). At the beginning, I asked the students to translate one of the words as usual. Normally it takes us a bit to look it up and figure out a Chinglish version. Now, immediately the new boy spits out verbatim the precise 3 sentence long definition from the textbook by memory. 0_0 It was the funniest thing. The entire class stopped, turned and stared at him. One girl threw up her hands, another started groaning. The entire group almost in unison went “ooooohhhhhh” and one actually WHIMPERED. LOL. He jerked back and looked around. After that he figured out pretty quick the others weren’t at that level. ūüôā¬†Seriously, we’re working at “this is called demand” level and he’s off on QD = a + bP + cT + . . . . level. Boom. . . mic dropped, bar raised.

Teaching Humor: Religious ESL Mix-Ups

17 Feb

Had a rather hilarious ESL fail / miscommunication error with one of my Ethics students this past semester. 

One of the chapters in our textbook covers the professional approach to ethics taken by various religions including Hinduism and Islam.  Consequently, we spend part of a class discussing the fact that Islam is based upon the Koran and that it is very important to Muslims and effects how they approach Business (some of my students will be working in Dubai so this is a good lesson for them to learn!).

The day before the final, one of my students came to see me. This girl is adorable, brilliant, and a good friend of mine, but her ESL is not perfect and she has some trouble understanding all of the content.  

She said she had a problem with the whole “Koran” thing because “you [the teacher] kept saying it was Islam, but I¬†always thought the Koran was Christian.”

0_0 ?¬†I could understand them not knowing what the Koran¬†was – many of my students don’t know the name of the religious book. But how did we come to the conclusion that the Koran was Christian?

Then she added:¬†“you know, the higher Koran are atheist and the bottom, South¬†Koran are Christian. I don’t think there is¬†a lot of Islam in Koran.”

ūüėõ Aha! The light went one!¬†

“Korea? Do you mean North and South Korea?”¬†

Hahaha! Once I understood the mix-up it was easy to see the problem. Because of the accent here in Henan, “Korean” often sounds a lot like “Koran.” That long E sound is extremely important. ¬†And they look similar too, not helping.

Once we went over the fact in simpler terms that the Koran was a¬†book and not a country, it was much easier. ūüôā ¬†

Sigh! The little things you think are so easy to teach only to find out were an epic fail later.


Cheating. . . You’re doing it wrong.

18 Dec

Lol, ¬†when I edited his paper, I wrote that he should write in the “Title” of the article as part of the introduction. ¬†Unfortunately, He copied me exactly (almost) and wrote, ‘In the article, “tittle.”‘ So when another student copied the exact same introduction, “tittle” carried over. 0_0 ¬†If you’re going to copy, don’t mis-spell obvious words. It makes me look

Student Humor ~ Yeah. . . No.

17 Nov

Student who turned in assignment 1 week + late ~ “But Teacher, I explained everything, I think you must have forgot”

Teacher ~ Um. . . . I don’t think ‘I had a personal reason’ counts when I told you in three forms of communication (written, oral, and electronic) that we needed a note and more details and you ignored them all. Trust me, if ‘personal reason’ had been enough to get me out of English papers in college, I would have used it a whole lot more!

Student Says What?!

12 Nov

Students were asked to write a drafted ethics code for an employee in the financial world.  One of my better groups actually chose the President of the Bank of China.  One of the requirements was a statement about avoiding conflicts of interest.  They wrote:

“When the president works in the bank, he is avoid working with others or sleeping.”

0_0  Oh dear.  That poor man!

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