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The Bowls of the Seas ~ Aquarium Seas that is

15 Jun

Osaka Aquarium

Art I Love – “Urban Mirror”

20 May
Urban Mirror - View of a historic building reflected in water on the ground

“Urban Mirror” by Andrea Gracis Photography

Then and Now: Kyoto in 1988 and 2013

17 May


Then and Now:
Kiyomizu-dera temple in 1988 when my Mom went. And the same temple when I went in 2013. Cool!!


Best Friends Forever

17 May


I was born in the Year of the Chinese snake. This means that what I have loved becomes mine. And what is mine I love forever. This is my Kristin, and I loved her since my earliest memories. My Best Friend Forever!   For those of you out there with a childhood best friend, say hello to them today if you can!

Bunny Wearing Bunny Slippers

9 May

Having seen this photo, my life is now complete. I can die a happy woman.

A very serious rabbit wearing bunny slippers.

Blood Red Moon

15 Apr


I apologize for the quality; my camera isn’t the best in the dark. But, what a success with the red tint, huh!?! It actually does look really red, even to the naked eye!DSC00680 DSC00682 DSC00686 DSC00688 DSC00691 DSC00693

Art I Love: “Bagan”

11 Mar

“Bagan” from AndyMumford

Icy Winter Star Trails

24 Feb

Check out Yahoo!’s cool pics of time-lapsed photos of star paths in the winter sky.  Stunning visuals!

Snow Dumped

17 Feb



My Porch at Present


Celebrations! I won an award :)

25 Jan


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